The Process

Building a new home can be an overwhelming experience. The process that we follow is designed to minimize the stress and hassles often associated with new home construction. The keys to our success is proper planning, good communication, setting realistic expectations and managing every budget like it were our own.  The process is simple yet vital to every step of building your dream home.

Step 1: Initial meeting

We are here to listen.  In our preliminary discussion, you provide details on your dream home you would like to build, the location at which you plan to build, any specific expectations you would like us to accommodate, and the budget for your home.  Then we will employ our creative minds to include unique details to separate your home from others.

Step 2: Professional Design Agreement

We engage in a Professional Design Agreement for Jim Boles Custom Homes to assist your architect/designer and consultants in preparation of the following:

  1. Development of your new home plans;
  2. Preparation for special plan design needs including both architectural and site-related;
  3. Outlining Custom Home Options to be put into your home  (sample option sheet);
  4. Defining availability of utilities for the proposed property;
  5. Outlining the nature and estimated cost of any site work necessary on the proposed property;
  6. Developing Final Construction Specifications, allowance items and cost to build your new home.

Step 3: Detailed Proposal

We provide a detailed proposal that outlines the complete specifications, expectations and detailed expense of allowances and/or selections for your new home (sample construction specifications).

Step 4: Revisions and Construction Contract

We revise the plans and specifications to reflect any changes you make, then engineer your plan to provide you with the best value within your budget.  Once everything is agreed to, we will enter into a fixed price building contract.

Step 5: The Fun Begins (Construction)

Now, actual construction of your home begins.  Immediately you will appreciate the need for the upfront preparations to enter into a smooth building process. During the construction phase of the project, your design team and Jim Boles work directly with you on the selection of finishes for your home. Throughout the construction, we keep you up-to-date on selections and scheduling in a well-organized manner.

Understanding that your home will be built using thousands of pieces and hundreds of people, Jim Boles only hires the most professional trade associates to help him throughout this process. Realistically, you should prepare for potential unexpected challenges such as possible plan alterations.  However, your experienced design team, trade associates and specifically, Jim Boles, have experienced these issues of which most are handled internally and resolved with satisfaction before the issue becomes a problem.  Should it require your attention, you will be provided multiple solutions from which to choose.

This can be a very memorable experience and Jim Boles and his team work diligently to communicate effectively and keep you informed.  By communicating openly, you are encouraged to voice any concerns or ask questions at any time.  If we are not aware of your concerns, we cannot possibly help with determining the best solution.

Step 6: The Finale (Move-In)

At the end of this journey, construction is completed to your satisfaction.  But, this is not the end of our relationship.  Jim Boles is available to address any concerns you may have.  With any new construction as you settle in and live in your dream home, there will be items that may need to be touched up.  If your movers chip a wall or you hang a picture and decide to move it, we want to repair these damages so your home is in pristine condition.  Complete satisfaction is not just a phrase but rather the way we do business every day.

Step 7: Referrals

The pride that we take in the homes we build is reflected in the referrals that we receive from our satisfied customers.  Our hope is that every customer is as proud of their home as we are and will tell others about us.

As a true testament to our customer satisfaction, it is not uncommon for a client to ask Jim Boles and his team to build their second home, renovate the home they had previously built and/or build an addition on their property. Whether you are a new client or one that we have built a relationship with over the years, our intention is to elate you throughout our entire process of building your dream home, so you feel comfortable sharing your joy with others.