Before reading through what others have to say, I first must say  THANK YOU to all those who have trusted our company, employees, vendors, and our system. I see our customer list as an extended family tree. We have enjoyed many repeat clients and many referrals who have filled this tree.  I can identify where each started and how it branched out.  

We have been privileged with the following:

Clients who allowed us to perform 3 or more projects

Clients who allowed us to perform 2 or more projects

Referrals from Past Clients, Architects and Realtors

Aggie clients

“Everyone judges success in different ways. This history represents TRUST; I see this as success.”

– Jim Boles

Jim Boles built a custom home for us and after a year of living in it we are very happy with the quality of the construction and the overall results!

David and Susan Gragg

Jim Boles, with the architects and his team, worked with us to create a quality home with the features we wanted.  Our home was constructed on time and within budget.

This home is our 5th custom home.  Jim’s professionalism, competency, and attitude made the custom home construction process seem easy.   The builder interface and overall quality was the best of our five homes.

Chad and Alexa Mar

You can’t afford not to work with Jim Boles.

Ryan and Bre Murphy

We are proud owners of a Jim Boles Custom Home. Jim and his team finished our house about 9 years ago and it is of outstanding craftsmanship and quality and we have never had any problems with the house. Jim is a standup guy and he stands by his product. We have asked for his input and help a few times over the years and he is always willing to help, give advise and he has been there for us through all these years. His team is very professional and responsive and they are always on time and delivers a quality product. We couldn’t be happier. We highly recommend Jim Boles Custom Homes.

Toben M.

I cannot say enough regarding our positive experience with Jim.  He truly cares about the final product, and wants to make sure that it is delivered through outstanding customer service.  He and his team are top notch.  My profession of orthodontics relies heavily on great customer service and attention to detail so I am very attuned to these things.  Jim made our experience the best it could be and he and I are actually closer friends now than when we started the building process, which is uncommon in the construction world.  Because of his excellence, I have trusted Jim with other projects since the building of our home, including a large and complex barn buildout.  I have received the same amazing results and customer service on every project he’s been part of.  No matter when or where it occurs, if I ever build another home or office again, it will unequivocally be with Jim Boles.  He’s an outstanding builder and a trusted friend.

Drs. Tyler and Shar Ferris

When we built our home, we shopped around for builders but stopped looking when we found Jim Boles.  His creativity, attention to detail, and professionalism exceeded our expectations.  We had such a great experience with our home construction, that when it came time to remodel our dental office, there was no other option but to call on Jim’s expertise.  He did a beautiful job and was a pleasure to work with once again.   We have referred friends and clients to Jim without any hesitation, and he has exceeded their expectations as well!   Anyone in the market for new construction or remodeling would be fortunate to have a place in the Jim Boles Custom Homes “family”!

Dr. Mike and Samantha Miller

Jim Boles is an easy choice to make when deciding who will build your new home.  He is young, enthusiastic, eager to please, and a joy to work with.

We appreciated Jim’s ability to work with our architect and demanding homeowners association.  His contractors are true craftsmen who met their obligations and left the job site clean and nice — up to Jim’s high expectations, no exceptions, every day.

Our build was on time and on budget.  The obvious joy Jim takes in the houses that he builds is refreshing.  He took every design challenge we handed him and came up with a beautiful solution.

Jim Boles is personable, pleasant and responsive.  And, he builds a beautiful house.  We recommend Jim highly to anyone considering building a custom home.

Jon and Susan Wampler

When it came time for us to build our home on remote property we had purchased years before, we had no idea where to start. After taking almost 2 years with the architects it was time to find a builder. We interviewed 5 builders and ultimately decided on Jim Boles Custom Homes. Our decision was based on a multitude of things but the one thing that always stood out was DETAIL. As an Oral Surgeon, I can be very particular about things and Jim Boles and his team were able to take my idea, whatever it may be, and turn it into reality. From a manhole and hayloft in the bathroom suite to bringing our living experiences in Spain and Italy to Boerne. Jim was involved with every facet of the building process and took pride in the Details. If it wasn’t right, it wasn’t done. I can truly say that it was an enjoyable experience to endure.

As a small business owner, I also was pleased with the accuracy of the bid. We entertained several “mock” bids and they were all over the board. Many didn’t satisfy our quality requirements but were formulated to entice us into a certain price. Jim was able to accurately maintain our budget while not compromising on quality of our end product. There are always unexpected obstacles encountered in a project but thankfully these were minimal.

Jim takes an active role in each home he develops and makes you feel like you are the only home he is doing at that time. He was with us at every selection and design meeting to guide us and constantly keep me on point with my vision, which can get lost when your trying to choose 1 of 1000 light fixtures or faucets. He was able to incorporate personal items we had collected over the years from our lives in Spain and Italy into the permanent structure of the home which added additional “personality” to it.

Bottom line is there are a lot of custom home builders but we couldn’t ask for anything more with Jim. If I were to build another home, there is no doubt that Jim would do it. He puts the DETAIL into Custom Home building. That is the difference.

Dr. JB Mazock

Jim has been a pleasure to work with on our home renovation (which has been extensive – replaced all flooring in a large home, installed two fireplaces and built ins for 4 large rooms). From the beginning of the bid process, to the excellence of his subcontractors, to his availability for our project – Jim has been excellent and exceeded our expectations.

Dr. Swann and Hans Van Delden

We came to San Antonio seven years ago knowing nothing about builders’ reputations. Luckily, we found Jim Boles who had just completed construction of a large one-story in the Dominion. Even though this particular home was speculative, Jim had built it with the quality and attention to detail of a custom home. He also promised us that if we purchased from him, he would stand by his work. We have not been disappointed. The structure is rock solid, and now, seven years later, we are in the process of re-modeling some of the aesthetics. We only considered Jim Boles for our changes. His professionalism and attention to detail remain unmatched in San Antonio.

Dr. Ken and Nancy Davis

Jim Boles Custom Homes

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