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San Antonio Home Builders Jim Boles does not settle for anything less when it comes to building a custom home, making him among the best San Antonio home builders around. You will love his attention to detail and his ability to make homes unique to the personal lifestyles of his clients. Get in touch with him at Jim Boles Custom Homes and see how creative he can be when you view his portfolio.

Building a custom home can be a daunting experience, but professional San Antonio home builders can make it easier and less stressful. Custom home builders are skilled in designing houses that are built according to your lifestyle and specific requirements. They continuously educate themselves and collaborate with other skilled builders, industry professionals, and consultants to discover and share knowledge and the latest innovations in construction, engineering, design, and architecture. With their knowledge, they can make a high-quality home that can be energy efficient to live in for long time. 
Custom homes can be fitted with low emissivity glass. Also known as Low-E glass, the material is a metallic film that is applied on windows to reflect long-wave radiation outside and minimize the entry of heat. The film provides a semi-mirrored look with a green or reddish tint, but it is not visible from inside the house.
There are San Antonio home builders who are qualified to provide ridge vents as an option for insulation and improved cooling from the attic. Ridge vents are an excellent alternative to spray foam insulation and roof turbines for sufficient ventilation in the attic. Ridge vents allow the hot air that has built up in the attic to escape, while the soffit vent invites outside air in, inducing a continuous process of air flow to keep the attic cool. They are suitable for metal and shingle roofs.
If you have any questions about energy efficient elements that you can add to your custom home, do not hesitate to contact Jim Boles Custom Homes. Jim Boles has over 16 years experience in building custom and unique homes. Jim Boles Custom Homes considers your personal needs and requirements to build high-quality and beautiful homes using the best materials. Whether it is a European-style castle, a country-style home, or a colonial-style home, you can count on Jim Boles to make it for you.
San Antonio Home Builders
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San Antonio Home Builders
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San Antonio Custom Homes

Jim Boles and his team build creative, San Antonio custom homes that bring their clients’ dreams to life. With practicality, experience, and integrity, they work hard to build you the highest quality home. A lifelong resident of the San Antonio area, Jim Boles loves being able to work there building custom homes.

Local Expertise - San Antonio Home Builder Jim Boles

Jim Boles graduated from Boerne High School and Texas A&M University. He knows the San Antonio area and is proud to work and live there today. He is intimately acquainted with San Antonio and Boerne, which allows him to build homes that take climate, the area’s building codes, and other factors into account as he creates your custom home. When your builder leverages this amount of expertise and knowledge, your custom home will not only be beautiful, but lasting. For example, Jim Boles knows the right materials weather well and hold up under the Texan sun. No other custom home builder will be able to give you the level of firsthand expertise.

Start Living The Dream Today

Jim Boles Custom Homes is here to get you started on the way to moving into your new custom home in San Antonio or Boerne, Texas. Contact them today to begin discussing your custom home with Jim Boles Custom Homes.

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