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Kitchen Remodel San Jose

Kitchen Remodel San Jose

If you’ve recently moved into an older home or have not updated your kitchen in years, you may feel stuck with a kitchen that has outdated appliances and cabinetry. You may be considering a kitchen remodel in San Jose but wonder about the costs, advantages, and design options available to you. Our team from Peralta Painting & Remodeling is happy to answer your questions, provide a free cost estimate, and give you an idea of what your new kitchen will look like before we even begin work. If you’d like to speak with our pros, feel free to reach out to us by phone at 408-882-9996.

5 Compelling Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen

1. A beautiful, comfortable kitchen is a joy to work in, so it makes sense that a homeowner would want to customize and renovate an out-dated or older kitchen to suit their needs. If your kitchen feels cramped or small due to a poorly planned design, a new kitchen floor plan would help significantly. By rearranging appliances and cebinetry and/or adding an island, you’ll make any amount of space look and feel a lot bigger.

2. A new kitchen will increase the value of your home and help you get a better price if you plan to sell. In the current house market, buyers have clearly shown a willingness to pay higher prices for homes with modern kitchen designs. Whether your home has been on the market for a long time with little or no interest or you’re thinking about selling in the future, a kitchen remodel in San Jose can help you achieve your goals.

3. If you need additional pantry space or cabinetry for storage, your renovation is the perfect time to factor in all of the perks you’ve considered over the years. Adding increased storage space is more affordable than you may think and will allow you to save money by buying in bulk.

4. Styles change over time; colors that were once popular may not seem so attractive in a few years. Likewise, appliance styles and cabinet trends start to look dated after a decade or two. With a kitchen remodel in San Jose, you can get the kitchen style you want and feel more confident when entertaining guests in your home. If you want the ‘perfect’ kitchen, there’s no easier way to make improvements than by contacting Peralta Painting & Remodeling.

5. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen understands the importance of a functional kitchen. When there’s a lack of work space or doors that open in the wrong direction, you could end up wasting a lot of steps in order to prepare a simple meal. A new kitchen design can eliminate every frustrating aspect of your kitchen and give you a clean space to work in.

Discuss your ideas with our experts from Peralta when you contact us today at 408-882-9996. While you’re on our website, feel free to explore our blog articles and our list of services we offer to homeowners throughout the district.

Kitchen Remodel San Jose
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Kitchen Remodel San Jose
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